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The race for MPP here in Ottawa West—Nepean, which wrapped up on election day June 7, was not only our best in recent history, but ended up being one of the closest in the province. Our candidate, Chandra Pasma, was leading for much of the evening ahead of PC candidate Jeremy Roberts, with Liberal incumbent Bob Chiarelli well behind the frontrunners. While it was clear that Chandra won E-Day results, the Roberts campaign edged us on the Advance Poll vote (which were tabulated late in the count). This enabled the PC candidate to leap past us and gain a 175 vote advantage as the last of the poll results came in - a very close margin as over 50,000 people voted in Ottawa West-Nepean, but not close enough for an official recount.

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The Ottawa West-Nepean NDP Executive is pleased to announce, following a comprehensive candidate search as mandated by the Ontario NDP, that we have recruited a stellar candidate – Chandra Pasma, a longtime New Democrat who lives in our community and brings policy expertise to this election (see her biography) – to represent the NDP in Ottawa West-Nepean in the forthcoming provincial election.

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Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and her cabinet have embarked on a scheme to privatize Hydro One, the electrical utility that serves most of the province.

Although we're served in Ottawa by Ottawa Hydro, the privatization of Hydro One will hurt us as much as it will hurt people in the rest of the province. This privatization scheme will:
  • Drive our rates even higher (since Ottawa Hydro buys most of its power from Hydro One, any Hydro One rate hikes will be passed to us).
  • Reduce the amount that Ontario can invest in its schools, roads, and hospitals by hundreds of millions of dollars. Every year. Forever.
  • Increase Ontario's greenhouse gas emissions.
Wynne and her cabinet have already sold 15% of Hydro One to wealthy Bay Street and Wall Street investors. They plan to sell another 45%.
The good news is that it's not too late to stop and even reverse this privatization.
But we need your help.
On the morning of Saturday, Apr. 2, OWN NDP members will be canvassing neighbourhoods in our riding in order to raise awareness about the issue and put pressure on provincial energy minister Bob Chiarelli.
Please join us. We'll be meeting in the south parking lot of the Lincoln Fields Mall at 9:45 am, splitting into teams of twos and fours, and then heading out for a couple hours of canvassing. Materials, and a short script will be provided to all.
If you'd like to attend, or have any questions, please contact OWN-NDP member Andy Pedersen at