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Alex Cullen, our NDP candidate in Ottawa West-Nepean, has pledged that if elected as MPP he will secure $65 million in provincial funding as its share of the Ottawa River Action Plan.

With the writ dropped for a provincial election in Ontario this June 12th, our candidate Alex Cullen is now busy campaigning to win an NDP seat in Ottawa West-Nepean. The campaign team is busy planning canvasses, creating campaign literature and generally working to get the word out about why Alex is the best candidate to represent Ottawa West-Nepean in Queen's Park. Our signs are ready, and we'll be getting them out on Ottawa thoroughfares as soon as it's permitted (not until May 13th by Ottawa bylaw).

Alex Cullen's web site,, is now the Alex Cullen Campaign web site. Alex also has a facebook page, Alex Cullen, and can be followed on Twitter as @Alex_S_Cullen .

If you're interested in helping out on Alex's campaign, or would like an Alex Cullen sign on your lawn (show your colours!), send him an e-mail at

Financial support would also be very welcome. You can donate online at

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Spring is here and with the new season comes our new newsletter full of thoughtful articles. We are preparing for a potential provincial spring election so read on to see how you can become involved.  You can read the newsletter online here OWN Newsletter 21Mar14.