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The long 2015 federal election is finally over. Canadians everywhere have rejected Stephen Harper's conservatives, including here in Ottawa West-Nepean where local Conservative candidate Abdul Abdi was defeated. Our candidate Marlene Rivier was on doorsteps and at all candidate meetings speaking out for the people of this riding and against the divisive politics of Stephen Harper.

Our riding association ran a strong campaign in this election. We put up more signs than ever on supporter's lawns (nearly 400), delivered campaign literature to every household in the riding at least twice, and canvassed more polls by phone and on foot than ever. The campaign office on Richmond Road was a hub of activity with more dedicated volunteers powering our largest campaign ever, all made possible by the generous support of our donors both before and during the campaign.

Unfortunately, our strong campaign could not withstand the red wave that swept across much of Canada, as the momentum to stop Harper coalesced behind Justin Trudeau’s Liberal banner. Our campaign was also up against the largest strategic voting campaign we’ve ever seen with groups such as LeadNow organizing to defeat the Conservatives and actively campaigning in our riding for the Liberals. In Ottawa West-Nepean Anita Vandenbeld was their choice; she won the riding easily with over 55% of the vote and we have offered her our congratulations.

While the results of this election have been disappointing, Canadians’ choice of a Liberal majority gives us four years to rebuild and be ready to wage a strong campaign in 2019. We will also hold Justin Trudeau to his many promises, among them that this election will be the last election under a first-past-the-post system. A proportional system would have increased the share of NDP seats in Parliament from 44 to 68 and reduced Liberal seats from 184 to 135 producing a more balanced Parliament reflective of the choices of all voters.


With health care worker Marlene Rivier as the NDP candidate for Ottawa West Nepean, the number of people in the riding voting NDP has quadrupled over the past four elections. During a packed nomination meeting at the Ukrainian Hall on Byron Street on Aug. 25, members of the party once again chose Rivier as their candidate.

“We are now so well placed to win this riding,” Rivier told the crowd of hundreds during the meeting. “It’s an open seat and the Liberal and Conservative candidates do not have a national profile. The Liberal vote is in decline, while the NDP vote is trending upwards.”
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The writ for the 42nd Federal Election in Canada was officially dropped on Sunday, and Tom Mulcair is applying for a new job: Prime Minister of Canada.

Tom is a principled leader with the experience to bring change to Ottawa. The middle-class values that have guided Tom as a father, grandfather, and cabinet minister will guide him as our prime minister.

His story is like a lot of ours. He grew up in a big family – and he learned the values of hard work and living within your means at a young age. Read about Tom's Story at or view the launch of his Campaign for Change below.

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