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If you're interested in helping shape the policies, priorities, and future leadership of the federal NDP, do not miss the Ottawa West-Nepean (OWN) riding association meeting at 7 pm on Tuesday, Feb. 2, at the Ukrainian Hall, 1000 Byron Ave.

During the meeting, you'll have two chances to have a real say in the future direction of the federal party:

Becoming a delegate

The OWN riding association is entitled to send five voting delegates and five alternates to the convention. At least one of the voting delegates and one of the alternates must be 25 or younger.

Voting delegates will be able to vote on any resolutions tabled and debated during the convention. Voting delegates will also be able to cast a ballot on the constitutionally required question of: "Should a leadership election be called?"

Delegate fees range from $99 to $400 (click here for a full fees list), and delegates must pay their own fees as well as their own travel and accommodation expenses. However, there is financial help for those who need it. The riding association will reimburse up to $500 in documented expenses for each of up to two delegates who need financial assistance (at the discretion of the federal riding association's president, vice-president, and treasurer). There is also financial assistance available from the federal party itself (for more information, write to

If you're interested in being a delegate, you must be a member in good standing of the federal OWN NDP riding association, and you must be elected or acclaimed during the meeting on Feb. 2.

Submitting a resolution

The OWN riding association is entitled to submit resolutions for debate and decision during the policy convention.

If you'd like to propose a resolution for the riding association to submit, please bring it in writing to the meeting on Feb. 2. Your resolution must then be moved, seconded, and passed by members in good standing of the riding association.

Questions or concerns

The OWN riding association's Feb. 2 meeting is important to the future of the federal NDP. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask by emailing them to

For more information about the national policy convention, please click here.

Delegate fees*

Paperless** Delegate: $299 (early bird, before Feb. 8), or $349

Paperless** Youth: $99

Paperless** Unwaged: $99

Standard Delegate: $349 (early bird, before Feb. 8) or $399

Unwaged Delegate: $99 (early bird, before Feb. 8) or $149

Youth Delegate: $99 (early bird, before Feb. 8) or $149

Observer: $1,500

All registration fees must be paid using a personal account/credit card and not a corporate account/credit card. It is not possible to pay by cheque upon arrival at Convention. Please note that in accordance with the Canada Elections Act, the party cannot accept cash amounts over $20.

** "Paperless" delegates get $50 off their registration. They’ll have access to the full delegate kit and all policy documents through the new NDP convention app for iPhone, Blackberry, android devices, tablets, and laptops. Offered for the first time ever, this green option not only saves you money, but reduces waste and impact on the environment — and you’ll still get everything you need with the NDP convention app. Please take advantage of this great new option and register as a paperless delegate.

Marlene Rivier

Despite the disappointing outcome, the 2015 Federal election was our biggest and best campaign yet with more volunteers, sign requests and donations than ever before and a big thank you is due the Ottawa West-Nepean NDP riding membership! The Liberal sweep of our country in no way diminishes that. We were simply overwhelmed by dynamics beyond our control in Ottawa West-Nepean. Having said that, we wish Anita Vandenbeld the very best and we will hold Liberal feet to the fire to make good on the 100 plus promises they made to the people of Canada.

For me the campaign was an opportunity to work with committed volunteers whose dedication, caring and creativity inspired me every day! I remarked frequently on our incredible talent pool! And if you like people there is nothing like an election campaign. You meet people who challenge you, who hearten you and just plain tug at your heart strings! You know that what you are doing, in representing the values and policies of our party and speaking up for those whose voices are silenced in a myriad of ways, is both meaningful and worthwhile.

What amazed me the most was the readiness of our team to start making plans for 2019! It seems many of our traditional supporters were swept up by the imperative to STOP HARPER, to assure we would not have to endure another Conservative government and despite the faltering of the local Conservative campaign jumped onto the big red bus. As a result we fell painfully short of the 10% of the popular vote (we earned 9.8%) required to receive a rebate of 60% of our campaign costs. Unlike the penny there is no rounding up! I ask that you consider this when contemplating your year-end donation.

Well I can’t say it enough, thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement!

Marlene Rivier
Ottawa West-Nepean NDP 2015 federal election candidate

The long 2015 federal election is finally over. Canadians everywhere have rejected Stephen Harper's conservatives, including here in Ottawa West-Nepean where local Conservative candidate Abdul Abdi was defeated. Our candidate Marlene Rivier was on doorsteps and at all candidate meetings speaking out for the people of this riding and against the divisive politics of Stephen Harper.

Our riding association ran a strong campaign in this election. We put up more signs than ever on supporter's lawns (nearly 400), delivered campaign literature to every household in the riding at least twice, and canvassed more polls by phone and on foot than ever. The campaign office on Richmond Road was a hub of activity with more dedicated volunteers powering our largest campaign ever, all made possible by the generous support of our donors both before and during the campaign.

Unfortunately, our strong campaign could not withstand the red wave that swept across much of Canada, as the momentum to stop Harper coalesced behind Justin Trudeau’s Liberal banner. Our campaign was also up against the largest strategic voting campaign we’ve ever seen with groups such as LeadNow organizing to defeat the Conservatives and actively campaigning in our riding for the Liberals. In Ottawa West-Nepean Anita Vandenbeld was their choice; she won the riding easily with over 55% of the vote and we have offered her our congratulations.

While the results of this election have been disappointing, Canadians’ choice of a Liberal majority gives us four years to rebuild and be ready to wage a strong campaign in 2019. We will also hold Justin Trudeau to his many promises, among them that this election will be the last election under a first-past-the-post system. A proportional system would have increased the share of NDP seats in Parliament from 44 to 68 and reduced Liberal seats from 184 to 135 producing a more balanced Parliament reflective of the choices of all voters.