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Thank you to everyone who supported Team Angella over the past few months. Together, we’ve laid a fresh foundation for the NDP in Ottawa West-Nepean, engaging voters young and old, from Crystal Beach to Carlington, from Britannia to Centrepointe.

Not only did we nearly double our vote share compared to 2015, the Ottawa West-Nepean NDP had the greatest increase in votes of any NDP campaign in Ontario.

We can be very proud of what we accomplished together. Thank you to everyone who volunteered your time, your money, and your experience, who took a lawn sign and delivered food to the office. We had such an amazing team.

But the fight is not over. We still need urgent climate action. We need universal pharmacare and dental care. We still need to help families with the high costs of child care and post-secondary education. We need better seniors’ care.

And we need to tax the rich more to pay for it.

We will to continue to fight for the positive vision Jagmeet Singh and the NDP put forward in this campaign, and we invite you to join us.

In minority governments, the average time before a new election is called is only 18 months. That means the preparation for the next campaign starts now. One of the ways you can help right now is by contributing via an automated monthly donation. This helps the Ottawa West-Nepean NDP riding association host activities and training sessions and plan for the future. Will you join us in giving $20 a month to the Ottawa West-Nepean NDP so that we can be ready to go when the next election is called?

Thank you for being part of the movement for progressive change in Ottawa West-Nepean!

NDP supporters from across Ontario, including our federal candidate Angella MacEwen, gathered in Hamilton this weekend for the biannual policy convention of the Ontario NDP.

With so many NDP activists assembled, it was an ideal place for Jagmeet Singh to release the Federal NDP Platform in advance of the election this October. The platform makes major commitments to Canadians:

  • Making life more affordable for everyday people
  • Building an economy that works better for more people
  • Protecting our air, land, and water, securing our future
  • Taking better care of each other
  • Reconciliation at the heart of what we do
  • A new deal to build stronger, more vibrant communities
  • The courage to do what’s right
  • ... and more

Read the full list of commitments at Or, watch Jagmeet's announcement below.


We had a full house for our nomination meeting Wednesday evening, when members of the Ottawa West-Nepean Federal NDP acclaimed Angella MacEwen as our candidate in the upcoming Federal election this fall.

Two former candidates were on hand to nominate Angella. Chandra Pasma, our provincial candidate in 2018, and Marlene Rivier, our candidate in the 2015 Federal Election, shared the task extolling the many reasons why Angella would make a great candidate in OWN for 2019.

Angella MacEwen accepted the nomination, talking about how she learned to work hard while in the Canadian Naval Reserve, and what she has been involved in more recently as the senior economist with the Canadian Union of Public Employees. She followed up with her vision for how she and Canada's NDP could improve life for Canadians no matter what their station. See her full acceptance speech below.

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