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The riding of Ottawa West-Nepean was well represented at the Federal NDP 2018 Convention at the Shaw Centre this past week-end. With nearly  2,000 delegates in attendance, the convention was the largest ever according to organizers.  Ottawa West-Nepean sent its entire entitlement of five delegates plus one youth delegate, and in addition sent several members who went on credentials from other ridings as well as members who volunteered to help out at the event.

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If you've visited lately, you might have noticed that it was a bit dated and actually broken in places. That's a problem we were aware of, but could not fully correct on the platform we were on.
So, we've created a new web site. While it may look a little different, it has all of the same information as before, and because we fully control this one, we'll be able to keep it up to date as we go forward.
Thanks for visiting.