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How the 2015 Federal Redistribution affects Ottawa West-Nepean

Most of us are aware that the 2015 General Election will be done using a new set of election boundaries, providing 338 electoral districts instead of the previous 308 districts. You're perhaps even aware that in the next election there will be a new riding of Nepean adjacent to Ottawa West-Nepean, where our former MP John Baird was intending to run until his exit from political life earlier this year. The new Nepean riding incorporates parts of the old Nepean-Carleton riding as well as parts of the former Carleton-Mississippi Mills riding, and includes the communities of Barrhaven and Bell's corners.

If you'd compared the old and new riding maps, you might be under the impression that the redistribution does not affect Ottawa West-Nepean. That's not quite correct; our riding has been given some new households which were formerly Ottawa Centre households. These new households are along the south side of Baseline Rd. east of Farlane Blvd, and the west side of Fisher Ave. between Baseline Rd. and Viewmount Dr. There are approximately 250 households that have been transferred from Ottawa Centre to Ottawa West-Nepean as part of the redistribution.

The boundary changes are related to the amalgamation of Nepean into the City of Ottawa in 2001. All of the homes affected are homes that were part of the City of Ottawa before amalgamation; homes south and west were in Nepean. The original Ottawa West-Nepean boundaries followed the city boundaries in this south-east section of the riding, but now that there's no longer a city boundary to follow, the riding boundary follows the more usual practice of falling along city streets.

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