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Your 2014 – 2015 Executive

Our Annual General Meeting was held on September 11th at the Ron Kolbus centre. Many of our supporters were in attendance. We also had a guest speaker from Ecology Ottawa to discuss what the Energy East pipeline project might mean for people living in the Ottawa area.

Our main order of business was the election of a new executive. While the core executive is much the same as the previous year, we have a few new faces.

The riding executive for 2014 - 2015 is:

President Marlene Rivier
Vice-President Alex Cullen
CFO (Federal) Dan O'Hagan
CFO (Provincial) Jim Patterson
Secretary Laura Lozanski
Membership Secretary Shelley Rivier
Women's Rep (Federal) Chaya Porter
Women's Rep (Provincial) Zora Jackson
Youth rep (Federal) Kevin Nguyen
Youth rep (Provincial) Hayley Rivier-Gatt
Members at large Calvin Climie
Judith Miller
Michael Moore
Lori Peppiett
Marilyn Davis


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