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In the midst of the fourth wave of the pandemic, it was an election that wasn't needed, and only Justin Trudeau and his Liberals wanted. Though it was a snap election, Ottawa West-Nepean found a great candidate, Ottawa-based human rights lawyer Yavar Hameed, and was able to run a strong campaign.

It was an unusual campaign due to Covid restrictions. Our candidate, Yavar Hameed, did an admirable job of connecting with voters while adhering to Covid protocols to keep our volunteers and the public safe. That meant open air events or virtual Zoom contacts, and avoiding enclosed apartment buildings, which restricted our canvassing choices immensely.

Yavar Hameed participated in a number of online debates and made contributions to a number of public forums. This was all while he continued his professional obligations full-time within his legal practice.

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The federal election has started and Ottawa West-Nepean NDP is pleased to announce its candidate will be Yavar Hameed.

Yavar was unopposed for the nomination and was acclaimed as our candidate on Friday. Yavar has worked in Ottawa as a human rights lawyer for the last 20 years fighting for basic rights for people to live free from discrimination, to enjoy fair terms of work and to organize for justice in their communities.

Though COVID protocols prevent us from gathering physically for a big kick-off event where we could all meet Yavar, there will be online opportunities to connect with him and lots of small open-air events.

Jagmeet has done a terrific job fighting for Canadians during the pandemic. Let’s send him back to Parliament with an even stronger team. Yavar would be an astounding addition to our caucus. Let’s elect Yavar in OWN!!

This will be a short campaign, run under unusual circumstances. However, some things will stay the same. The campaign will need volunteers, sign locations and donations. If you can help in any way; if you can put a sign on your lawn; if you can donate, visit the Campaign Website.